Raja Rani Movie Review


It’s been a long time, we saw feel-good romantic stories in Tamil cinema. Debutant Atlee, a former associate of Shankar comes up with a brilliant story that binds you emotionally. Raja Rani is produced by Fox Star Studios with Arya, Nayantara, Jai and Nazriya Nazim in lead roles. There is something too special about the film and that is the treatment of script. From beginning till end, there is no point that keeps you distracted. Hats off to Atlee and his team of writers.

It’s marriage day and we find everyone happy except the married couple John (Arya) and Regina (Nayantara). Both of them have a pathetic past that doesn’t fade away from their memories. After a certain point of time, they start feeling for each other, but will they come together united and start a new life or not. Watch for the rest on the screens and enjoy the beautiful moments of marriage life.

Taking off with the analysis on performance, everyone is the cast have made a promising performance. It’s Nayantara, who easily sweeps us on feet and such is the imapct she creates in every scene. The scene where is seen as a person affected with epilepsy leaves tears in our eyes. The portions involving her and Arya are really pleasing to the audience. Everyone wants a fresh start, especially with a marriage and we see it through the eyes of the lead actors here… Arya makes an impressive show with a matured performance. His reactions while seeing Nayan’s situation in ICU and how it connects with his past brings tears down our cheeks. Jai appears only for few minutes, but keeps us engrossed. So is Nazriya with her appealing show… She appears in the second half and is so natural with her act. Santhanam plays Arya’s buddy and isn’t just here to tickle our funny bones, but raises the emotional quotients as well. Sathyaraj is fantastic.

GV Prakash has worked a lot and exerts his full strength in background score. Not to miss his songs that are enjoyable and George Williams’ cinematography is so colourful.

On the whole, the second hour has some sluggish moments, but they get diminished with heavy punch of emotions during 30 minutes to climax.

Overall, Raja Rani is special film and will surely click in all centres.

Final word – A must watch film for all audience.

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