Ya Ya


Power Star is the only reward to Ya Ya and portions excluding him are not enjoyable even with Santhanam and Shiva. That’s quite a disappointing one to find debutant Rajashekaran wasting this great chance with his launch pad. The film opens well with the hilarious introduction of Mirchi Shiva and Santhanam, but 30 minutes later, there is nothing much to impress us. There are many situations for which you’ll have to laugh merely because you have spent few pennies for the tickets.

Dhoni (Shiva) is a devil-may-care guy, whose life is filled with no worries and in all likelihood is Shewag (Santhanam). Their first meeting goes with a conflict until they get acquainted and that’s for their real names – Ramarajan (Shiva) and Raj Kiran (Santhanam). When Dhoni falls in love with a girl (Dhansika), Shewag gets influenced by a middle-aged area counselor (Deva Darshini) and plants a misunderstanding, thereby separating them. Amidst of all these incidents, Dhoni seeks the help of Power Star, a hot model to reunite them, but things doesn’t go as planned.

In most of the scenes, Shiva looks so dull and doubtful about what he delivers. His energy that was very much present in his previous films goes missing. Although Santhanam seems to appear throughout the film, the impact of laughter is very much less when compared to his cameo in Thillu Mullu. Power Star appears only for three scenes and the theatres are studded with huge laughter and claps. Not to miss him giving away the dialogues Ajith Kumar in Billa-2 and Superstar Rajnikanth as Chitti Robot in Endhiran. Dhansika appears as a post card model walking in best costumes now and then, but is this project worth for this actress, who gave a rocking performance in Aravaan and Paradesi? Sandhya could have chosen a better comeback and this one makes you forget her big show in Kadhal.

Overall, Ya Yaa is so disappointing that it does make you laugh in few portions with the witty lines of Santhanam and Power Star. But Mirchi Shiva fails us by not coming up with his trademark performance.

Verdict: Watch it if you no other option.

R. Richard Mahesh

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