Pattathu Yaanai Movie Review


The title was so powerful and Vishal’s aggressive look in Madurai backdrops made it clear, this is going to be his typical film. Indeed the inclusion of brand Boopathy Pandian was illustrious that the comedy caper with a lot of action block is on the way. Naturally, that’s a feel you get while walking out of the theatres. But has the Boopathy Pandian-Vishal duo recreated the same magic of their Malakottai? Behind Frames brings you a sneak review of Pattathu Yaanai that has released today (July 26).

Santhanam holds a prestigious position as a food caterer for his authentic preparation of food. His life takes a turn when a bunch of youngsters – Saravana (Vishal) along with his pals (Vada Poche Sarithiran, Jagan and others) join him. On an unexpected turn when they move to Trichy for setting up a hotel, Saravana comes across Aishwarya (Aishwarya Arjun) and finds himself in love with her. Terror strikes as Saravana gets into a problem on saving Aishwarya from thugs and his sudden avatar of a herculean puts everyone in shock. Who was he? What was his past? The flashback unfolds in the second half followed by the conflict that ends with a good note.

Vishal had taken a break from commercial route in the past few years after Avan Ivan and after trying his luck with a different genre in Samar, he is back into the commercial zone. His effortless performance is fine in many places and his combination with Santhanam evokes huge laughter. Aishwarya Arjun as a school girl suits the role, but she has to work a lot on her looks and performance to grab the best offers in town now. The director has tried to conveying a love story in different angle, where both of them don’t propose each other, but their feelings are exhibited well. Santhanam steals the show with his out-and-out comedy riot. His portions in the first scene and climax gives us a feeling of Sundar C film drama. The Bollywood actor in the villain character could have been used well. John Vijay as a fun-toned baddie becomes an additional strength. His scenes with his henchmen are so much hilarious. But what turns out to be a minus is the screenplay, specifically in second half. Every incident seems to be old-fashioned, but Boopathy Pandian tries to package it well with his usual elements.

Thaman gives his best to the commercial ground with few songs enjoyable in parts and even the visuals are captured with good sense.

If the film had a gripping narration with few more engaging scenes, it would have appealed straight to the major audience groups.

As on whole, Pattathu Yaanai is a passable show that you can watch out in your leisure time.

Final Take: Interesting in few parts. Could have been better

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