Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham Movie Review


AGS Entertainment aims at delivering good quality films from its studio and it is quite evident with its production list. On pars, actor Jai is someone, who does his best performance irrespective of his films’ nature. With ‘Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham’, he tries to get to the next level. However, things get fallible in places as the story stumbles halfway. Creativity seems to be the top level priority of debutant K Chandru, who tries to tickle your funny bones with a new look of heaven, where you see Lord Paramasivan using Apple computer and his sons – Ganesha on treadmill and Lord Murugan playing Temple Run. Parmasivan is all set to kick-start his Thiruvilaiyaadal on four friends – Jai, who is about to get married, Rajkumar, an aspiring actor ready to get his first break in Venkat Prabhu’s movie, VTV Ganesh, who is suffering from the clutches of his roughneck wife and Sathyan all set to contest in elections. All of them decide to embark on an adventurous trip like Hangover franchise and end up with a mysterious destination of an Island (that in places gives an impression of ECR beaches).

First thing that would hit our minds is the cinematography. To showcase the hangover effect of these lead characters, the director and cinematographer consistently come up with shaky moments on the lens, which spoils the mood and ambience of this beautiful ambience. The dialogues mixed with wit and fun is easy to enjoy, but the screenplay lets you down with its slow moments. You’ll hear even the modern-day Naradhar uttering the same words about the face book status of movie review. But again, it doesn’t help the film from rising to the good momentum. Jai as usual sleepwalks through the role of a jovial guy and then it’s Rajkumar of Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom fame followed by VTV Ganesh staying up to the zone of humour. Indeed, we are entertained by them, but how far a story can proceed without any interesting elements. Sathyan is simply okay with his performance. Nivetha looks beautiful and her climax act is so funny ‘My dad insisted to get married and so I was about’ to which Jai replies, ‘Don’t worry!!! Come let us get married’. Oops! It’s so amateurish and the dialogues should have really needed proper attention.

On the technical front, couple of songs is finely done and of course all numbers are good, but what’s the use if screenplay gets away from strong momentum?

As on whole, ‘Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham’ is a feel-good movie that is laced with humour and good message at the end. But a lengthy duration with dearth of effective narration puts down the pace, thereby resulting mediocre.

Verdict: Okay… not beyond expectations.

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