Jeeva Movie Review



Cricket is a religion to Indians and when a film is made based on this game; it has witnessed good height in the box office winning critical acclaims as well. But Jeeva is not a film about street cricket and to be precise, it gets beyond the usual presentation of what other films based on cricket stereotypically does. It doesn’t have a handsome cricketer sweating and finally make a good win. But it revolves around the reality of what is actually happening in the world of cricket, the politics that is more than a cruelty where the dreams of ambitious sportspersons are devastated.

The film opens with Jeeva (Vishnu Vishal) taking a look back into the life from his childhood and how he is acquainted to cricket. He falls in love with his girl at neighbourhood Jenny (Sri Divya). Their relationship gets broken when the girl’s father (T Siva) hampers it. Years after, Jeeva still pursues his dream of cricket and he doesn’t miss to attract his girlfriend as well. But on sudden turn, his dreams of cricket are deteriorated by the Kingpins of Cricket Board Committee who usually favour the cricketers from their community. Will Jeeva be able to make his dreams come true or go disappointed and vanished much as other unwritten heroes of history? Watch out for the rest on the screens.

As the film begins, there is slowness and the momentum slightly drops, especially with portions involving Vishnu and Sri Divya. But sooner, Suseenthiran takes up the call of bringing back our attention with his flawless narration. The complete second half is laced with so much of emotional and gripping moments that lets you go through the roller coaster of what’s gonna happen next. The scene where Lakshman breaks into huge emotions when he and his pal are thrown out of the game putting an end to their dreams is outstanding. The shot composition of his culmination and his mother innocently sleeping beside him breaks your heart and leaves your eyes moistened. The friendship and relationship between father and son are very well projected and Suseenthiran as usual takes you over the top of emotions with father-son sequences. Sri Divya appears throughout the film and her looks have been very well captured. Soori tickles your funny bones with some witty lines. Vishnu Vishal has his game changer now and he has done a remarkable job expressing the joy and pain through the emotions.

Musical spell by Imman adds the best to the emotional aspects and cinematography by Mathie is splendid one.

On the whole, ‘Jeeva’ is sure to stand out as a special film in the career of Suseenthiran and Vishnu Vishal. Of course, it has many reasons to pull the crowd into theatres and one among them is the ‘Emotions’ delivered through strong characters and a message that hardwork and passion never fails.

Verdict: A compelling film with emotions and excitements.


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