Hansika “The lucky Charm”


Hansika has been riding on the wave of success…she is the new lucky princess charm. Trade analysts say that long time such a lucky streak was attached with any actress. The testimonial evidence is the sucess of ‘Theeya velai seiyanum kumaru’ and ‘Singam 2’. While queried on her new found status of an ‘Lady luck’ Hansika says’ don’t just call it luck, luck is nothing but opportunity meeting preparedness, and as an professional artiste iam always prepared to work hard, choose the right script and the right people to work with, assess my strength and weakness. The cream of this cake has been the support and guidelines of my mother… Iam more happy with the encouragement i get from people of all walks of life supporting my gesture of adopting kids….divine blessing i would say on this new tag of being ‘Lucky charming princess’..concludes the pretty actress flashing a mesmeric smile.

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