Burma Movie Review


Tamil Cinema is changing and with the new wave of films that brings us the glimpse of Hollywood, this change is quite inevitable. The latest film that has joined this league is Burma featuring Atul Kulkarni, Sampath, Michael and Karthik Sabesh in the lead roles. With it’s storming narration, the film has surely glued the cinemagoers to their seats.

Burma focuses on four main characters. Bhai (Atul Kulkarni) is a man who pitilessly confiscates one’s car using his thugs if they have not paid money properly. His favourite thug of all is Guna (Sampath). Under Guna works Burma (Michael) and Boomer (Karthik Sabesh) who does the job of looting cars and the duo are paid a pathetically cheap price – Rs 100 per car they loot. Well, what hurts them the most is the way Guna looks at them, like a stray dog. Burma and Boomer are now risen and cleverly traps Guna and throws him in prison.

Talk performance and the unbeatable Atul Kulkarni put the audience in a trance with his performance. His dialogue delivery and body language fits the character to a T. Following Kulkarni, Sampath dominates the screen with his antagonistic character and his performance, simply bewitches the audience. Compared to his other film, Michael has done a good job and Karthik Sabesh plays his best buddy and tries to bring humour and that works only in a few places. Though Reshmi Menon is cute and charming, the actress does not have much to perform in the film.

However, the biggest advantage of Burma is the classic performance of Atul Kulkarni and Sampath. The direction of Dharanidharan is worth many appreciations. Despite the first hour being quite sluggish, the screenplay keeps the audience very much engaged in the second half. Throughout the final moments, the film is filled with unexpected twists and the crew and the writers, truly deserves a special appreciation. Coming to the down side, songs does not make much of impression and really composer Sudharshan M Kumar is not the one to be pointed out for the film itself does not demand the need for songs.

To cap it all, Burma is quite an entertainment, especially in the second half with its surprise elements. The film totally runs for 100 minutes saving ample of time and at the same time, offers the best of drama.

Verdict: Different and sleek in places

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