Vidiyum Munn Movie Review


Set in backdrops of dark work of sex-workers and politicians, we see a pimp named Amarendhiran insisting a sex-worker (played by Pooja) to get a young girl to a leading big shot in city. When he tries to torture the young girl, she stabs him mercilessly and indeed Pooja hits him and escapes to Srirangam. The very next day, we find him dead and his son vows to avenge his father’s death and sends his henchmen along with Amarendhiran to grab them. Yes, they do find Pooja and the little girl. What happens next is a thrilling ride that takes you to the climax that chokes you indeed…

Although Pooja plays the role of a sex-worker, we don’t tend to see any such scenes pertaining to vulgarity or intimate sequences. She appears as a saviour on the run to save the little girl from the clutches of baddies. Although Lakshmi Ramakrishnan appears for a shorter duration, she expresses her stunning performance. The scenes involving her turmoil when stuck up with John Vijay are done with colossal touch. Malavika who performs the role of small girl Nandini gains all our attention. She just leaves you spellbound over her performance. She makes you feel that nothing should happen to her during the journey. ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ fame Vinod Kishan plays the baddie. He doesn’t have dialogue more than a page, but keeps you on hook of fear throughout the show. John Vijay and Amarendhiran are the two biggest pillars of this film. Especially, the new face of John’s character after reaching Srirangam is superb…

Krish Gopalakrishnan with his background score enhances the engrossing elements of the script. The songs however don’t hold prominence in the film due to the racy screenplay. Cinematographer Sivakumar Vijayan deserves all praises for his spellbinding cinematography. Every scene is carved with excellent visuals. The director’s proficiency of narrating the story with instant flashbacks at regular intervals is a good idea. Director Balaji K Kumar has done a remarkable job by showcasing the realities of love and affection denied to a girl child and how she suffers in the society. There are little illogical elements in the film, but that’s okay. It’s a best attempt by a first timer and the entire team deserves special mention for this.

On the whole, Vidiyum Munn is a racy edge-on-seat thriller that keeps you engaged from beginning till end.

Verdict: Worth watching. Hats off to new team.

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