Thagaraaru Movie Review


Four friends with their thefts for livelihood have everything perfect in life until love crosses one of them. Sacrifices, misunderstandings and revenge take the front seat ruining their peace forever.

Arulnidhi has been too choosy with his scripts and roles and his previous movie Mouna Guru was a perfect illustration. This time, he gets into rural zone following his second movie ‘Vamsam’. Director Ganesh sets out with a rural script and it is done with decent efforts.

Arulnidhi, Pawan and a couple of friends are the most wanted thieves in the town. They have no families and relationships. They’re fond of each other and do not want to sacrifice it at any cost. When a beautiful girl (Poorna), daughter of Jayaprakash falls in love with Arulnidhi, worst things break loose out of hell.

The film opens with an intense montage of these friends planning up something and immediately we have story shifted to flashback. The first hour is entertaining with a mix of romance and humour. In fact, almost all the characters on the screens gain more prominence and at times we start feeling that all these four friends are the protagonists. Director Ganesh has emphasized importance to these elements that keeps it with engrossing elements. The unexpected twist of friend’s murder in the second half takes a different route with ‘Tension’ factors taking a rise. If the director had paid little attention in keeping the screenplay more intense and racy, it would have surely moved the audience to edge of their seats. There are some slow moments in the second hour in spite of chases and confrontations with three different gangs happening.

Arulnidhi does a decent job with his role and is so casual in places. He is effortlessly neat with his performance, especially in the comedy sequences. The scene where he throws up the girl he loves and moves toward his friends is worthy of claps. Poorna has tried something different here when compared to her previous movies. ‘Naan Mahaan Alla’ fame Murugadoss is extraordinary with his portions. He doesn’t appear much in the film, but the scenes he appears deserve special mention. Jayaprakash doesn’t get meaty scope. Pawan is good as usual and he can thank the director for giving him a good role. Dharan deserves a pat for a spellbinding composition of music and background score. Crisp editing works a lot for the raciness.

Overall, the performances of all the actors make the film worth watching. If there was few more raciness to the script, then ‘Thagararu’ would have been an engaging show for the audience.

Verdict: Good and engaging in places

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