Man Vs Nature – Where Hollywood wins the world?


At times, we try to achieve the level of Hollywood cinema and yet they remain to be the stunners in some aspects. One of the main genres that create a panorama for them is the sci-fi. Well, they made films that had their protagonists fighting against baddies and terrorists. But now, the filmmakers wanna prove that they are ahead of other countries in fighting the aliens. Of course Star Wars and Aliens are quite familiar ones, but in the past couple of decades, Hollywood has set forth a new line of cinema with this genre with the additional attraction of technical bonanzas. While James Cameron’s Avatar is a masterpiece of socio-commercial genre, Roland Emmerich started up all to entertain the mass audience across the globe.

When I was a kid in late 90s, there was something more that we all pondered upon and then came the most, the biggest, the scintillating Aliens to lock horns with Will Smith in ‘Independence Day’. Every time, we kids used to look upon the sky, the envisaging motto never found an end. Would the aliens overshadow the skies creating darkness all over our place? Obviously, this earnest spook thought forayed into our minds. Off the late, he created and produced few films of this genres, but again what came as an awe of frozen senses happened with ‘Day After Tomorrow’. Well, that was not enough for this genius to enthrall us and he brought out a domination of fantasy and everyone in my cohort wanted a film to get them awe-stricken, the mammoth Godzilla emerged to the winner putting behind the old-fashioned ‘Jurassic Park’. Your Goosebumps had no limits and adrenaline rush was beyond the boundaries.

Touching the crown of ‘Statue of Liberty’ is an outmost aspiration for anyone. But how about right beside her cheeks? The imagination was limitless and so much enthralling was the visual brilliance. ‘Day after Tomorrow’ had the snow falling down Delhi and Antartic zone spread out with bizarre. In fact, it gave a much significant message on the global warming.

What followed next was the BIG…BIG…BIG show that kept you spellbound, shocked and surprised? When 2012 appeared widescreen, the excitements were overtaking the adrenaline. The story centered on a famous writer and his family travelling across the catastrophic event. The film had a lot of emotional quotients and that included a pet dog winning the applause.

Kollywood seems to be now shining with top-notch scripts in supernatural thrillers. If not, why would a Hollywood company like Weinstein would acquired the international remake rights of ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ and ‘Pizza’ is already on the run of race among Hollywood production companies.

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