Desingu Raja Movie Review


Time and again, Tamil cinema has witnessed films that have carried family feud in rural backdrops. But there is something special about director Ezhil’s Desingu Raja that stars Vimal and Bindu Madhavi in lead roles. It’s a same plot that date backs to the generations, where the lineage is almost getting declined due to the avengeful gesture, but the director sprinkles an unique methodology of adding humour that favours the film to a certain extent.

It’s a village zone across Tamil Nadu, where we have the plot of a family heads involved in combat resulting in the death. Apparently, Idhayakanni (Vimal) falls in love with a beautiful girl Thamarai (Bindu Madhavi) from the other village. This leads to a clash of families, but Idhayakanni decides to put an end to all with the mantra of love and peace. Will he win over the situation and let the years of conflict to decline or not forms crux of this story.

Firstly, it is quite evident that director Ezhil stepped into the humour zone with his last year release ‘Manam Kothi Paravai’. Evidently, he has tried experimenting with the same team here that includes Parotta Soori, Ravi Mariah and Singam Puli. Yes, the film travels on the line of comedy and it is effective with audience in few places. Especially, the humorous sequences involving Singam Puli, Parotta Soori and Ravi Mariah are entertaining. Vimal sticks to the usual role of a village lad. His innocence plays a vital role in enhancing his act, but we tend to miss his energy that was very much present in Pasanga and Kalavani. Bindu Madhavi gets prettier than before and tries to score her best in places. The second half proceeds well with light moments and is completely dominated by comedy, especially the funny ending in the climax was something unexpected and it proves to be an important element in sending you out of theatres with laughter.

D Imman keeps up his standard in the songs, but there is a kind of dearth in background score, which he had delivered at his best in his previous films.

On the whole, Desingu Raja proves to be a passable show, which can be enjoyed if watched without any expectations and no questioning of logics.

Verdict: Okay. Can watch it for time pass

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