Arrambam Movie Review


Expectations were beyond the usual paradigms for Arrambam. First thing what you’ll notice in Arrambam is it’s presentation. The story looks old, the screenplay is moderate, but the packaging with interesting elements makes it all fantastic. In spite of some issues really letting us to question on logics, the screen presence of matinee-idol Ajith Kumar and a star-spangled league of Arya, Nayantara, Taapsee, Kishore, Atul Kulkarni, Mahesh Manjrekar, Akshara Gowda and Suman Rangarajan make it more appealing. The characterisations play a strong role in elevating the standard of this film with respect to the top-notch cinematography and brilliant editing.

So far, you would have witnessed Sreekar Prasad as an editor, but his fantabulous transit cuts gives a clear impression that he is a great storyteller. Every scene has a couple of situations laced with each other. Be it the pre-intermission sequence or the ATS mission involving Rana Daggubati and Ajith Kumar in flashback or the climax, you’ll feel the raciness running through the frames. One more thing worth mentioning about Arrambam is Arya. It’s not just for his handsome looks as gals acclaim or namesake critics on his performance. The actor looked so doubtful about his very own acting in some of the recent films, but is very sure and firm about what he is doing. This is the success of a director and so for the combination scenes of Arya and Nayantara. You will never recollect their previous movie Raja Rani. Arya doesn’t have much to lock horns physically, but he keeps up his work to the best. So is Taapsee, who gets a meaty role than her debut film ‘Aadukalam’. Kishore does a perfect job, Mahesh Manjrekar is stunning with his villainous act. Akshara Gowda looks hot, but her role is limited.

Technically, there is nothing much you get from Yuvan Shankar Raja as his songs and background when compared to Billa, Billa 2 and Mankatha are not the same here. In fact, there is no need of songs in this film as the drama itself keeps us intact. Apparently, the cinematography by Om Prakash and Sreekar Prasad’s editing is so stunning. These two personalities are the key players in letting us experience a hi-tech flick with right feel of Hollywood.

Overall, Arrambam completely belongs to Ajith Kumar. Though he doesn’t strain himself a much into lots of herculean tasks, he looks great with his presence and of course his dialogue deliveries and action. The visual treat by Om Prakash is yet another asset to this film. Though it has a same old story of revenge, it has been very well narrated with gripping moments.

Final word – Go for it. Worth watching

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