Apple Penne Movie Review


There are few films that have a great title and prove to be crowd pullers, but the results turn out to be a disaster. On the pars, there are movies that have good content, but fail to have a title that will draw us in. Apparently, we all feel ‘Apple Penne’ belongs to the latter category, but we say a word – this is a must-buy flick for every theatre owner in the town.

The story is about a daughter, who perceives everything in her life in a wrong way. There is an affectionate mother, who has lost and sacrificed everything for her daughter. The film centers on the emotional conflict between these characters with a lot of other actors offering more substantiality to this script. Hats off to director KR Kalaimani for coming up with an exceptional script that is laced with friendship and affection. The scene where daughter unknowingly runs in spite of seeing her mother fall into the pit and Roja lamenting about is awesome. But again, when the daughter comes back to the same place shedding her tears showcases the intelligence of director. Roja has done a fabulous job by performing a character that might have been seen perfect with other actresses.

With the role focalizing on a mother, who will do anything for her daughter, she has exerted her complete energy into the character. Thambi Ramayya has come up with a unique experiment of playing a baddie. There is a couple of scenes that exhibits the ‘Nambiar’ factor in him and that includes the situation where he hides the daughter within forest and helps his mother search for her. In all likelihood, the scene where heroine latches up the window to escape from the clutches of baddie and Roja performing the same act for Thambi Ramayya is awesome.

The reason behind Suresh becoming a priest and the heroine meeting him in the second half has been very well narrated in screenplay with justification. Newcomer Aishwarya Menon might a debutant, but her performance looks up like she has been a part of many movies. On the whole, Apple Penne is worth watching and deserves special mention for director Kalaimani for giving a good movie with not so-famous celebrities.

Verdict: Sweet treat for all.

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