Adama Jaichomada Review


In the recent past, the concept of match fixing has become one of the popular genres of Tamil Cinema, especially after the massive hit of Mankatha. However, Adama Jaichomada is offering us a total different concept of the same with a unique narration and immense entertainment. Well, one is sure to enjoy each and every bit of this film if they simply keep aside the logic elements. This film is directed by Badhri of 2013 Thillu Mullu fame and the lead roles are played by Karunakaran (Soodhu Kavvum), Bobby Simha (Jigardhanda) and Vijayalakshmi (Chennai 600028). On the other hand, supporting roles are played by Balaji, Narain, Radha Ravi, Adukalam Narain and K.S Ravikumar. On the technical side, the music is composed by Sean Roland.

Essaying the role of a Taxi Driver, Karunakaran marries Vijayalakshmi after a long relationship. Unfortunately, he finds himself amidst of a debt of 10 Lac and he is pressurised to pay the money back. Amidst this chaos, Karuna meets his crony Balaji and the latter promises to help the former after a cricket march that has planned to happen in Chennai shortly. Karuna and Balaji meet plans to meet in a hotel and Karuna finds Balaji murders. This leads to the arrest of Karuna who will be charged with murder. How Karuna proves he is not guilty and how he pays back the debt forms the crux of the story.

After playing a few supportive roles, this is the first time Karuna plays the male lead. The actor has projected innocence and humour in a much effortless manner and of course, he has done a great job. Similarly, the dialogues of Narain as a theater owner and Radha Ravi as a financier keeps the audiences very much engaged. Well, Vijayalakshmi does not get much to do; however, she plays her part perfectly well. Sean Roland has given a good BGM, yet he could have slightly done better.

Being a complete out and out entertainer, the missing logic does not bother us much and it is clear that Badri has aimed for a complete entertainment with Adama Jaichomada. The film is indeed the best pick for a mind relaxing movie that should be watched over a great snacking hour.

Verdict: Good time pass film

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