6 Melugu Vathigal


How does a film claim success? A box office hit or critically acclaimed one. It’s a close call as few films are entertaining and win the accolades as well. We are sure that Shaam’s today release ‘6 Melugu Vathigal’ belongs to this latter category. One thing is pretty sure about this film – the entire crew, especially Shaam has sweated his blood to give away this stupendous performance. Of course, you can witness it right from the first frame to the travel of 2hrs.15 mins in this film.

The film opens in Kolkotta and Ram (Shaam) is found lying down unconscious and the story travels back to few days back, where he is seen happy with his family – wife Lizzy (Poonam Kaur) and 6-yr old son (Gautham). When the family enjoy their moments with the breeze of sea least they know that something appalling awaits them. Their son goes missing and the broken down Ram travels across various states to get him back.

While Tamil cinema is witnessing a vast change in terms of script and content, director VZ Durai takes the same route in offering a story with serious punch that takes you through the emotional journey. Shaam has done a wonderful job and there are many scenes to showcase it. His confrontations with the situations, encounters with many helpless kids, his reaction on knowing the true colour of driver, who was responsible for the crime are remarkable. Poonam Kaur’s portions are very much limited, but it adds more depth to this screenplay. The young boy Gautham deserves a ton of appreciations for having made a stunning show. His climax act is awesome and you’ll surely raise for a standing ovation to the emotional scene between father and son.

Overall, the film has a strong writing and the powerful performance of actors. VZ Durai brings out the gruesome reality of what is happening in our country. Nothing can be stopped at an ease just like other social evil that is prevalent, but the best advice is to be cautious.

Verdict: A must watch movie for parents.

R. Richard Mahesh

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