Ivan Vera Madhiri Movie Review


Suggestions and criticisms become our order in discussing the social issues and no one dares to bring a solution. But the protagonist Gunasekaran (Vikram Prabhu) is a different one (as the title suggests). When he watches the gruesome incident at Law College that leaves three students killed just in a TV, he sets out exerting his inmost power single-handedly although he is not involved in this issue in anyway.

Our filmmakers have been persistently involved in the concept of writing scripts that has heroes smashing down the baddies and sorting out the social issues. But again, let us say even filmmaker Saravanan is different just like the title. He has handled the entire script in a different way that stands out at its best in many places. Regardless of few sluggish moments, it sticks to the main plot distinctly. There is one thing you can easily find out on these criteria – Love and action thrill scenes. They would have given you a feeling of being categorised to different films for its connectivity, but Saravanan excels with an impeccable writing that links the dots.

Vikram Prabhu has improvised a lot on his performance and this is not just a word. It’s obvious that he has lived inside the skin of characterisation. His jovial acts are so cool and in the action sequences, he has done a colossal job by straining a lot. Surabhi doesn’t look like a newcomer for her performance is so natural. Her scenes involving innocence and love for her beau has been done well. Although she remains silent in the climax, her presence is very much visible. Ganesh Venkatram as a cop does complete justice to the role. His dialogue deliveries are crisp and catchy. Vamsi Krishna as baddie captures our attention vividly and his combat with Vikram Prabhu during climax is super.

The technical quotients in the movie are appreciable as the songs by Sathya. Background score is also a highlighting element that keeps us very much into the movie. Not to forget the cinematography and editing that gets the film racier.

There are no light moments in the movie. Even the scenes where romance is introduced, it is delighting for the audience and there are no restless quotients there. The scene that includes Vikram and Surabhi are prodigious and the racy moments between Vikram Prabhu and Vamsi Krishna are the icing of cake.

On the whole, Ivan Vera Mathiri is a beautiful movie that takes you through the thrill and racy moments with a good social message.

Verdict: Engaging in many parts.

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