Aindhu Aindhu Aindhu (555) Movie Review


This was a speculation of bet for Bharath and the trailer was quite evident that he had exerted his heart and soul into the film. With Vijay’s Thalaivaa pushed a little too few days ahead, the film opens across all the place today (June 10). The film stars Bharath and Mrithula in lead roles with Santhanam experimenting with a newfangled character.

When Aravind (Bharath) recovers from a terrible accident, his memories fade except one thing – his ladylove Liyana (Mrithula), who was beside him during this fortuity. When everyone believes that she never exists, he doesn’t give up on his pursuit. What unfolds next is a series of mysterious incidents as the betrayals and double-crossing becomes the order of the day.

Delivering a surpassing performance should have been the first and foremost motto of Bharath. He tries to exert an impressive show and in parts exhibits his matured style of show. Not to miss his mind-boggling six pack show during climax and his sweet loveable looks in songs. His onscreen chemistry with Mrithula is quite appreciable. It looks like director Sasi wanted to prove something different and his depiction of Santhanam in an exceptional slide is an ample evidence. Alas! His unexpected culmination right at the beginning of the second hour turns out to be a disappointing element.

Director Sasi has picked a good plot in hand, but the fallible screenplay leaves you restless. The first half has just an interesting premise, but in contrast the second half has some twists, which could have been executed in a better way. Precisely, first hour of the film has some racy moments, but the songs turn out to be a spoiler in hampering the pace of the screenplay. On the pars, second half travels on substantial note, but again, the inclusion of songs leaves you little restless.

On the whole, 555 has a promising plot and screenplay, but if made crisply avoiding few songs and unwanted comedy tracks, the film would have been a big ticket indeed. But for now, it’s quite average and can be watched once.

Final Take – Okay, but could have been better

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