It’s a big day and bringing a couple of poetic lines followed by a birthday wish from our team is literally a stereotypical story that is often done by all. Over here, we have something new and exclusive for our followers. Superstar Rajnikanth’s brother like close friend SP Muthuraman unveils 12 unknown facts about this matinee-idol

Here is the excerpt of veteran SP Muthuraman sir as he says,

1. My own brother is in Bangalore and you’re my only brother in Chennai.

2. Whatever special occasion may happen in his home, he wants me as a first person there.

3. We exchange our ideas. We either convince each other or get convinced. This has been our secret of success.

4. We have travelled across many places in the world including Bangkok, Hongkong and many more.

5. The first time I met him was on the sets of K Balachandar’s shooting, where he was playing a role. I invited him for a small character and later felt that he is overqualified for such a big movie. So I told him – “its better you don’t act in this film (Aalukku Oru Aasai).

6. During that time, he didn’t have fluency in Tamil and Lakshmi Narayanan was his mentor. But today the entire world is fascinated about his punch dialogues; it’s all because of his good efforts.

7. His first dialogue in my film was ‘Success’.

8. He is never egoistic and shares the credits in such a way – if success, it belongs to the entire team and failure belongs to me.

9. There is a lot of dream roles I have in mind for him. It will be nice if it happens in future.

10. He never folds back his hand and gives everything he has. To be frank, from light boys to producers, everyone has been helped by him. This is his success.

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