When Shruthi Haasan said ‘Glamour’ and everyone laughed



Shruthi Haasan arrived late at the press meet of ‘Poojai’ team and much prior to her presence, almost everyone in the crew had interacted with the media channels. When it was the turn of Sathyaraj, he said, “I had spent 6 years of my initial phase in career saying ‘Yes Boss’ in small roles. When I came into the league of main lead, there were so many competitions that came with a package of jealousy and disharmony. He referred it citations for instance that many heroines, “I will take up glamorous roles, but wouldn’t showcase vulgarity.” When he said this in a specific voice modulation of heroines, everyone started laughing. But the joke didn’t end there. Shruthi Haasan came late to the moment and when someone from the bunch of journalists asked, “We often see you in glamorous roles,” and she immediately said, “Ennaku ‘Glamour’na ennanu puriyala’ (I don’t know what actually ‘glamour’ means to you?)” Sathyaraj was silently laughing and everyone looking at started out a laughter-riot and poor Shruthi Haasan was unaware about what’s actually going on there.

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