The meaning behind Ru!


A title of a soon-to-be-released film has indeed the caught the eyes of film buffs and general audience alike for its title as it is an ancient tamil word. The film is titled as Ru and it features Irrfan of Vijay TV serial Kana Kaanum Kaalangal fame and is directed by Sadasivam.

When asked the director why he chose a peculiar title, Sadasivan revealed that he picked Ru as it means number five in ancient Tamil. He added that in the olden days, there wasn’t any numerals and from old incriptions, it is clear that only phrases represented the numbers and so Ru denoted number five. The directed also added that he named his film Ru because there are five negative characters in the film. Irrfan being the lead, he punished these five characters and that is what the film is all about.

He added that the title was named after these negative characters.

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