Soori denies humiliation on Superstar on twitter


Certain gossip columnists always make sure of their ‘Peeping-Tom’ job and rumour mongers in the industry believe that they’re the creators of stars (the so-called immature personalities). Recently, there were such an unintelligent immature writer, who penned a gossip on a reigning star, which didn’t work out at any extent…

Now his next attempt on pulling down comedy actor Soori has failed again. Yes, recently there was a news published that Soori on his micro-blogging site had humiliated Superstar Rajnikanth for penning a personal letter in promotion of Vikram Prabhu’s ‘Ivan Vera Mathiri’.

Apparently, the gossip columnist failed to realise that the tweet was posted from a fake twitter ID. It’s better to think and clarify first before writing anything. Such a disgusting act brings dishonour to the entire syndicate of journalists.

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