‘Rummy’ Ishwarya denies the Facebook drama on fake account


Film celebrities stuck in issues on their mircro-blogging and social networking sites pertaining to fake accounts isn’t looking towards end now. Ishwarya Rajesh of ‘Rummy’ and ‘Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum’ fame has become the latest one to be bound towards such scenario. Someone has evoked a serious issue by having her fake account generated and even posted a wrong message on her social networking site.

This status posted is about the actress being held in a serious issue of missing the legal papers and there is speculative thing happening at Customs in airport. Moreover, the status also requested her followers that her manager has seemingly cheated on her of Rs 12.5 Lakhs and listed phone number and to call him immediately.

Finally, Ishwarya has come to the situation and has made a statement that she never holds such account and posted a message in that way.

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