Rajamouli Birthday Special – A secret you didn’t know


He is cool and simply cool, but is very focussed that his content proves to be a selling point overshadowing even the presence of superstars. When a leading actor affirmed that his movie was a hit due to the presence of his ‘Family’ brand of big stars and not his directorial skills, he took the challenge of introducing comedy actor Sunil with ‘Maryadha Ramana’ that was a blockbuster and the remake rights were sold for whopping amount in Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. Well that didn’t satisfy him and he took a pledge of making a big challenge of having just a ‘Housefly’ as the lead actor in ‘Naan Ee’ that is hugely praised by the global film industry. Today, the actor is letting all his energy into the most ambitious project ‘Bahubali’ that stars Prabhas, Anushka Shetty and Rana Daggubati in lead roles.

SS Rajamouli never demands for a huge salary, but makes sure that his producers are happy with smiling face and works earnestly for the good results.

He is a big inspiration to all young generation of directors and we as the members of Behind Frames convey our birthday wishes to the director and wish him success for more blockbuster movies to be delivered.

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