‘Loyola College changed my life’ – Vishal


Actor Vishal launched the single track of his film Pandiya Nadu at Loyola Engineering College and it was graced by the cast and crew of this film including Lakhsmi Menon, Vikranth (who happens to be Loyolite as well) and director Susintheeran.

“I am privileged to speak in Tamil as my fluency in English is just average. I am very proud and happy to release the audio of this film in this college. I am spellbound over the tremendous performance of young students, who have done a terrific job here. I must mention that I have a stage fear and once when I had to perform here on this dais, there was a short circuit and many complained that I did it purposefully. While studying in this science college, I bunked my first year and sooner the college changed my attitude. This college doesn’t teach you academic syllabus alone, but the values of life. Our lives will obviously change in Loyola College. You won’t believe, whenever I believe very much broken or dashed down with hope, I come here and spend some time. My spirit is animated and such is the power of the ambience here. I am leading my life based on the experience I gained here”, said Vishal as he honoured the winners of the cultural fest.

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