Who’s the happiest man in the world? The one who feels the pain with smile and handles difficulties and hurdles with peace and patience, the one who dedicates his life to his passion and if you’re looking out for such a genius, he is none other than our very own Kamal Haasan. How can you define him in just few words? He is always beyond the usual paradigms and his experiments are far behind your imaginations. Listing out his filmography or defining his unique characters in every film might turn this page into an article of zillion words, but that cannot be an apt gift to Kamal ji. Yes, we are speechless and we are in wonder of astonishment over his fascinating show as an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, lyricist, producer, technician and many more.

He always celebrates his birthday in a special way by extending his help to the poor and needy with his philanthropic activities and this day isn’t going to be an exception.

We are very much inspired by him in our actions of daily life and we wish him to keep us invigorated with his real life deeds and proficient magic onscreen.

Behind Frames wishes a very happy birthday to Kamal Haasan!!!

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