Ivan Vera Madhiri Music Review


Following the grand success of ‘Engeyum Eppodhum’, director Saravanan and music director Satya have teamed up again for this movie. The film is produced by Lingusamy of Tirupathi Brothers in collaboration with UTV Motion Pictures. The film stars Vikram Krishna, Ganesh Venkatram and Vamsi Krishna in lead roles.

Malaya Porattala
Vocals: Biz Mac, Hyde Karty, Tippu
Lyrics: Vivega
What makes the song little mediocre is the factor that the voices get dominated by heavy sound of instruments. In spite of Biz Mac, Hyde Karty and Tippu trying their best to offer the best outputs, their vocalisms are gradually overshadowed by these instruments, especially the percussions. The lyrics lines by Vivega is okay and it could have been better indeed.

Enna Marandhaen
Vocals: Madhushree
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar
Unlike the previous song, this one is a pure melody that goes well with the listeners. Firstly, it’s the instrumentals and the vocalism by Madhushree. Initially, there is not much you find with the song and as it proceeds to the second minute. Thanks to the instrumentalists for doing a best job with their part.

Ranga Ranga
Vocals: Rita
Lyrics: Mani Amudhavan
There is one thing you cannot stop raving about this song. It’s the bold and beautiful voice of Rita. Music director Sathya has experimented with a new genre of music and it sounds good in few places. The song gets elevated by Rita’s voice and lyrical lines by Mani Amudhavanan is okay.

Vocal: Anand Araviddakshan, Nivas
Lyrics: Vivega
This is indeed the cherry-pick of this album and everything sets right in the places and it takes on the Carnatic aspect. Thanks to the singers – Anand Araviddakshan and Nivas. The song gets on with the pathos and the notes are very well composed and special mention for that.

Vocal: C.Sathya
Lyrics: Vivega
Finally, we have Sathya getting on with his vocalist job and serves to the best. The song is laced with western style and has been done with panache. The lyrics are okay and could have been better. But with the visuals coming up in a good way, the song will have a good effect on the screens as well.

Vocals: Balram
Lyrics: Pudhiyadhoar Kavignan Seivom Team
The song has more appeal than any other tracks in this album. Although short in duration, it has an engrossing factor and all credit goes to Pudhiyadhoar Kavignan Seivom team that has come up with brilliant lyrics that keeps you motivated.

On the whole, ‘Ivan Vera Maathiri’ has a bunch of good tracks among which few will be instant hits and others will brew with the days to come before the release. Hats off to Satya! He has done a good job with his musical spell and we have more to enjoy here.

Verdict: Decent work by Satya

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