Carving a glorious pearl in Tamil Cinema


A mammoth like building is admired for its magnificent beauty and enchanting elements in it. But the foundation stone remains to be the most intriguing part of all. Over the ages, Tamil cinema has witnessed a vast emergence of many Golden eras and it has been possible with the proficient attempt of few personalities. In the past one year, CV Kumar has been an ample evidence of what we call a Renaissance of Golden era.

He broke the stereotypical barriers that were indeed a toilsome phase for many aspiring filmmakers. He made an endeavouring attempt of introducing new talents. The arrival had its realms with Attakathi in 2012 and today, they are one year old in the industry, but have achieved something that many are far behind.

Three back-to-back blockbusters – Attakathi, Pizza and Soodhu Kavvum, he is over the top of Kodambakkam. The Bollywood producers await his next production so curiously to carry the breeze of new line cinema to their territory.

Churning out a hat-trick super hit films might be a hackneyed factor to attribute him as a successful producer, but his inquisitive ideas to look out for a new genre of films. Attakathi, a splendid romantic comedy that helped us revisit the college days. What followed next was an unexpected dimension of ‘horror’ and ‘supernatural’ theme that was unforeseen in the industry. Pizza – the most celebrated spine chilling thriller flew by glorious way on the global maps. Time to complete Triple Crown came with Soodhu Kavvum, when Quentin Tarantino came into Tamil films in the form of Nalan Kumaraswamy. The dark comedy took a front seat putting behind the commercial prototypes of our industry.

With a lot of promising projects lining up for this year, we as the members of Behind Frames congratulate and wish them for more success.

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