Aranmanai Movie Review


Many horror-comedies have made its way into the cinema halls in Kollywood and have proved its success with a readymade formula. Apparently, Sundar C well known for unlimited comedy entertainers laces this time with a horror story. The film ‘Aranmanai’ has a huge star-cast of Hansika Motwani, Raai Laxmi, Andrea Jeremiah, Vinay, Santhanam and Sundar C as well.

Looking out for the exact story of Aranmanai???

Take the instances of Chandramukhi, The Conjuring, The woman in black, Paranormal activity, stunts – courtesy Sherlock Holmes with the additional touch of fun, glamour, sentiment and revenge seeking ghost.

Vinay along with his newly married wife Andrea Jeremiah returns back to his ancestral palace home to sell it. He has some of his family members, friends and well wishers over there as well. Sooner, there are some mysterious happenings prevailing in there and everyone is shocked terribly. Andrea’s elder brother Sundar C reaches the place for a casual visit and spots something phenomenal and some of the home servants in there go missing mysteriously.

Sundar C has easily picked some of the famous scenes from various Hollywood and Tamil films and you can even predict or get the reference easily. The first few minutes of the film is used for the establishment of characterisations and Santhanam keeps us so much high on laughter with his usual style of comedy lines. Sundar C appears during the latter part of film and his role is quite similar to Chandramukhi Rajnikanth, but he keeps the film comprised of many characters. Hansika Motwani appears during the flashback sequences and her role is so much appreciable. Andrea Jeremiah surprises with her changing lanes of performance. Raai Laxmi is glamorous. Vinay does his job well.

Technically, there is nothing special to mention about the film and the CG works are completely disappointing. A horror film completely banks on cinematography, CG and background score, but they are amateur here.

But when it comes to presentation of film, Sundar C has delivered a pretty enjoyable horror-comedy that will easily attract the family audience.

Verdict: Entertainment of comedy and no horror

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