Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer Movie Review


Karthik and Swetha share a bond of good friendship during their college and apparently fall in love with each other. A trip for pleasure to Mahabalipuram instigates in them to cross the limits of intimacy leaving Swetha pregnant. When her parents decide to get them married, Karthik’s dad places an opposition insisting her to abort the child. Unfortunately for Swetha, it becomes impossibility as she has crossed the stage. On giving birth to the child, she marries someone else and what happens to the newborn entity leaves a lump in your throats.

Hats off to new face Santhosh for having utilized the opportunity at his best. Vazhakku En 18/9 Manisha has done a fabulous job by showcasing a matured performance. In fact, she gets more footage than Santhosh, especially in second hour wins our applause and her jovial dimension in first half as a bubbly college girl is awesome. Jayaprakash as Manisha’s father is brilliant and his naturalistic performance creates a reflection of reality. Poornima Bhagyaraj as Santhosh’s mother makes a promising comeback with this film. The album had 4 tracks that easily impressed the youth groups, but an additional song ‘Aararo’ turns your eyes moist. Additionally, the cinematography of Surya offers a major strength to this film.

Director Susintheeran has etched the emotional quotients with a strong message. What happens when the relationship between a boy and girl goes wrong in their teenage has been prodigiously depicted. To make sure that he doesn’t commit the mistakes he did in Rajapattai, he has taken scrutinizing efforts to give the best show.

The director needs special mention for having delivered a strong message, which is indeed the need of hour. The emotional balancing between mother and daughter drama is delineated with excellence. While first hour might cater to the taste of youth audience for pleasurable quotients, the second hour offers us a blow of confession to make and lead a proper life, especially for youth groups in their adolescence.

Final Take – Strictly for parents and children together

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